Real Time Day & NightEdit

The Super Mega Garden features a real time day and night cycle. 6AM-6PM is day, and 6PM to 6AM is night.

Random EventsEdit

An entirely different set of events can take place while hanging out in the Super Mega Garden. Although the pace is a bit slower, and events are generally less dangerous. If you want to encounter new surprises, try hanging out here a good amount of time.

Trees & GrassEdit

What good is a digital garden without digital plant life? If you buy or find seeds, they will automatically be planted if you have purchased a garden. Tress grow rather slowly but they grow even while you spend time in the digital tank. Grass will grow there too, once you are lucky enough to get some rainfall.

Treasure HuntingEdit

Another unique possibility of the Super Mega Garden is treasure hunting. If you have purchased a treasure map, or found one, you must own a garden to start the hunt. Beware that until Super Mega Pet has a good amount of Mind Points, he will have great difficulty finding much of value. The smarter he is, the more treasure he is able to locate.