Saving Your PetEdit

[Double clicking to Save] will put your pet into hibernation and save your progress before quitting. [Right Clicking] will take you to the shopping center where you can buy over a dozen special items to increase your pets chances of growing old.

Loading Your PetEdit

Left Click will Hibernate to revive Super Mega Pet when you first enter the digital tank.

Hibernation DeathEdit

Overly long periods of hibernation can be deadly for Super Mega Pet. Super Mega Pet should be revived at least once a month, if not, there is a good chance he will not survive.

Beating DeathEdit

It is a good idea to Hibernate your pet when you have made progress you are happy with. If Super Mega Pet should meet a sudden unexpected death, before you click on his R.I.P. tombstone you can quit the game by pressing "Alt-F4" to quit. Then you can reload from before your pet died, by entering the digital tank and clicking "Hibernate."