Super Mega Pet has four unique quests to conquer. Each has mysterious and deadly challenges and huge rewards. As long as your status is "normal" the instant you click on a Quest Icon, he is transported to the Super Mega Pet home world, which is overrun by various digital monsters.

General OverviewEdit

Each monster has unique attacks and weaknesses. Each are extremely dangerous until you know how to handle them. Sometimes toys like the ball, do damage. Other times they are of no effect. "Rapid Cleaning" can help, depending on the situation. Some threats Super Mega Pet can bounce into and kill. Experiment. Carefully observe how monsters react to certain forms of attack. Some power up's, like bug spray, can be dangerous to many times of creatures, including Super Mega Pet if used haphazardly.

Quest OneEdit

The Cycloptic quest boss is teaming with the flu virus. The main thing to watch out for is the green viruses that swarm in its domain. Avoid as many as you can. If you catch the flu, click the special button a.s.a.p. and head for the first aid kit. Keeping this in mind, feed as needed to avoid sudden doom. The cycloptic mini-spawn convert into gold coins with a single touch. This is a great source of income for all your Super Mega Pet shopping needs.

Tip: No power ups are necessary for this quest. But as with ALL quests, wait on going until your pets feelings are perfect.