Over EatingEdit

If you overfeed Super Mega Pet, your life score will go down and you make cause him to throw up. Super Mega Pet, like most creatures, hates to throw up and it plummets his mood and health.

The Common FluEdit

If Super Mega Pet looks more green than usual, and starts to hack up yucky green much, chances he has the common flu. This type is easily cure by click the "Special" button one time. This produces a first aid kit which instantly cures the common flue on contact.

The Blax FluEdit

The Blax Flu is rare and dangerous. Super Mega Pet should be considered deathly ill if he begins to cough up dark ugly looking stuff. Click the "Special" button as soon as possible because he can't last long in this condition.

Cootie BallEdit

Super Mega Pet may fall victim to the digital cooties. This usually occurs when his tank is not clean and his default ball becomes soiled. Contact with the cootie ball is to be considered extremely dangerous.


During his teenage years, Super Mega Pet goes through an awkward stage where he may suffer from oily skin. Click the special button for a medicated cleaning pad.

The ChillsEdit

When Super Mega Pet gets old, he easily gets cold. If he appears to be frosty, click the special button to provide him something to warm up with.