Stage One: EggEdit

Super Mega Pet begins his life journey as a small twitching egg. This is a brief but critical stage of development. He may not survive the hatching process. Which produces the status and cause of death (C.O.D): Stillborn

Stage Two: ChildhoodEdit

From ages zero to two years old, Super Mega Pet is a hatchling. He lacks limbs and his default food is milk during this stage.

Stage Three: TeenEdit

During the teen stage of life, Super Mega Pet gains little fins and is sometimes the victim of acne or "zits."

Stage Four: AdultEdit

The prime of Super Mega Pet's life. He emits tracers when he is extremely happy, and puts the Super Mega in Pet.

Stage Five: Middle AgeEdit

Still full of vitality, Super Mega Pet shows some gray during this stage.

Stage Six: Old AgeEdit

The twilight of the Super Mega Pet's years. Be on the look out for the chills, Super Mega Pet sometimes needs PJ's to feel cozy.

Stage Seven: WizenEdit

The brief, final, and saddest stage of Super Mega Pet's life. He becomes shriveled and extremely weak.

Tombstone: R.I.P.Edit

Once Super Mega Pet has died, a tombstone appears. Click the tombstone to receive the final life evaluation. If your Super Mega Pet's life score is high enough, it will be recorded in the Hall of Fame along with name and C.O.D.