The GoalEdit

Survive a hazardous life journey and explore the secret mini-world of Super Mega Pet. Help Super Mega Pet to thrive vs. an onslaught of weird and random events, quests, and hazards.

Status IndicatorEdit

Here you will see the many different states in a Super Mega Pet Life! Keep an eye on your pets status to better protect its future.


Firstly, Super Mega Pet can move around of his own free will. There are 3-ways to direct Super Mega Pet™: [W]=UP [S]=DOWN [A]=LEFT [D]=RIGHT [Arrow Keys] & [Number Pad]=8 Directional Movement. [Ctrl]=Stop but he will always feel free to make his own movements. If he decides to stay still, only the arrow keys can get him moving again.


To keep Super Mega Pet happy and healthy, [Left clicking], [Right Clicking] & [Middle Clicking] use different toys depending on which ones you have bought at the shop. If his mood and health are at maximum he will coo and giggle. As long as he is well fed, he will be quite content to just bounce around until something new happens.


[Left clicking] will put your pet to sleep, but only if he is feeling sleepy. You will know when that is.


[Left clicking] will clean your pet, your tank, and possibly save your pets life! Super Mega Pets are a little grumpy about cleaning however.


[Left clicking] will give your pet your primary food. [Right Clicking] will give Super Mega Pet™ your secondary food if you have purchased one from the store.


[Left clicking], [Right Clicking] & [Middle Clicking] will do different things at different times. Experiment with it. It could save your pets life one day!


[Double clicking to Save] will put your pet into hibernation and save your progress before quitting. [Right Clicking] will take you to the shopping center where you can buy over a dozen special items to increase your pets chances of growing old. [Clicking will revive a Hibernating Super Mega Pet]

Power UpEdit

(After Purchased) [F1]=Bug Spray [F2]=Fireball [F3]=Spike Shot [F4]=Read Book

Once you have found our bought a Power Up you can activate them for 30-seconds by pressing the function key and then pressing the space bar. You can use powers an unlimited number of times, except for Fireball, which costs one coin per shot.


If a quest icon appears in your tank, simply click it to start the quest. Quest Icons remain on the screen until used or Super Mega Pet hibernates. It is a good idea to avoid starting a quest until Super Mega Pet is in a great mood, not hungry, and in top health.

Treasure HuntingEdit

[T] or [Middle Click Special] If you have collected a Treasure Map and purchased a garden you can look for buried treasure in the garden by pressing the [T] button. The smarter your pet is, the better the chances of finding good treasure.


[1]&[K]=Stick if you have bought one at the shop. You can also find sticks in full grown trees.

Monster GatewayEdit

[2]&[M]=Monster Gateway [Hangman] game! You can also play a one shot game if one appears in your tank.

Life ScoreEdit

As you journey down the road of life with your pet, you are being judged! The more happy and rewarding Super Mega Pets™ life is, the higher your life score will be. If your life score is high enough it will be recorded in the Hall of Fame, along with name, and cause of death.