• Double Click Hibernate to Save to the game. Helps avoid quitting by accident.
  • New Hibernation Screen + Warning Message.
  • Halved the time required to grow trees in all life spans to match 50% shorter life span.

[**One SMP year grows trees by one stage now.**]

  • Fixed Treasure Hunting Bug.
  • Fast Life Span doubled in speed. SMP now ages 1 year every 2.5 minutes = Life Span = 45 minutes
  • Medium Life Span doubled in speed. SMP now ages 1 year every 5 minutes = Life Span = 90 minutes
  • Long Life Span doubled in speed. SMP now ages 1 year every 10 minutes = Life Span = 180 minutes - 3 hours
  • Adjusted Dirt Claud's spawn point to help avoid collision issues.
  • Fixed a bug generated by the "?" spawn.
  • Doubled Sleep Effect Chance - Sleep is usually short, but it was extremely rare prior to this update.


  • Raised Platinum Coin value to 8
  • Added Plat and Gold coins for Fuzz Bugs deaths
  • Raised Ruby Coin Value to 15
  • Raised Gold Coin Value to 2
  • Fixed a consumer reported bug where the egg will not hatch, but pet was not Still Born.
  • Fixed a bug that mistakenly required Bug Spray for First Aid Kits
  • Added +1 Mind Points for each contact with Super Ball
  • Reduced egg remains to gold alchemy time.
  • Added Ruby Coins for Slug Bug Kills with bug spray because they are very tough to catch.
  • Adult Fuzz bugs now eat basic play balls. Fixed a bug that did nothing in the case of adult Fuzz bugs interaction with basic balls.
  • Added +Mind Points for birthdays 1-12, randomly larger bonus, to give most full life spans a chance to see SMP grow smarter.
  • Fixed random sprite corruption in the shopping center.
  • Can only touch Cycloptic Virus 4 times before he dies. This was made to be a farm quest, but it was taking too long to die and allowing the player to get super rich and smart in a single quest with the new gold increases. Still possible to farm, but much easier to survive Quest 1 for people who do not care about farming.
  • Fixed a bug that left Blue Green ball icon on the screen after leaving the shop.
  • Added Super Ball fix which fixes the display of the pet name text.
  • Lowered Fuzz Bugs hit points by 1/3 for adults 1/2 for babies.
  • Added tank depth of field.
  • Added Life Score for each birthday.
  • Lowered Elitch hit points
  • Lowered Baby Man O Wars hit points 50%
  • Lowered Honey Comb Hit points

v950 & v975Edit

  • Restricted Life Span
  • Limited Quests
  • 30-day Trial
  • v950 & v975 of Super Mega Pet contained many glitches resolved in later versions.